Type: Residential   |   Year: 2020   |   Location: Tuscany, Italy   |   Author:  Serge Somkin
The villa is located in the heart of the Tuscany region, 40 minutes drive from Florence, surrounded by the incredible nature of the Chianti Valley. It is a home for summer trips with family or friends, a place to escape from the bustle of the city.

The two main volumes of the building surround a large pool terrace and create several outdoor spaces for relaxation and privacy. Thanks to the light travertine finish and the simplicity of the façade lines, the lush greenery of the surrounding nature attracts the eye. The rhythm of the windows creates a play of light inside and a different atmosphere during the day.

Inside there is a spacious living room, dining room and open kitchen. Large windows in the living room offer views of the beautiful nature of Italy. Two bedrooms are located on opposite sides of the house, making them more private. The master bedroom is adjoined by a large bathroom with a freestanding bathtub and double shower.

This is a place that melts into summer sunsets, a little piece of paradise for long evenings with a bottle of wine and great company.
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