Type: Public, Concept   |   Location: Ukraine  |   Author:  Serge Somkin

The task for me in this project was to create a set of beautiful images in a very short period of time. Also, I wanted to make something new and unusual for me, not just another interior or residential project. 

So I started with a rough sketch that I had done some time ago. It was a public space on the water that drew your attention with it's vibrant color.  A nice place to go for a walk, to swim in the river, to chill with friends. Its shape is made of three circles that are attached together. A couple of round platforms serve as water approaching points. While stainless steel canopies that are supported by thin polished columns create a nice shade.

Clear architectural shapes are emphasised by foggy environment.

Cool autumn morning on the Dnipro.

Thanks for watching!

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